Huckleberrying Around NYC: Day 1

So has passed my first full day in NYC, and I must say: this has been the happiest day I’ve had in at least the last 90 days. Not that anything particularly extraordinary happened – it was a Monday after all. A lovely, simple, beautiful Monday.


i. Practicing my #evachenpose (hehe) with Celine, big baby Taylor, vintage Coach & Zara sandals (similar)


ii. A sweet NYC welcome from the ShopStyle girls


iii. Alicia Silverstone in the office, dumplings from Han Dynasty, an amazing shipment of Everlane’s new summer silks, and new commuter Ked’s!


Let’s keep it up New York.  I can get into this.  I’m open to new adventures! Any suggestions for must-do’s as I #huckleberryaroundNYC ?!

xx, Huckleberry Kim