The Last Supper(s): San Francisco Spring 2014

I am embarking on a trial move to NYC for the next few months.  It’s quite exciting, as I have been talking about a coastal swap since I was around 14 – so after a decade of psyching myself out, I think I’m ready.

San Francisco will always have my heart; though, I think it’s time that I take a little  s p a c e .

california    empire state

Naturally, being the gluttonous fool that I am, one last SF supper could not suffice… there’s simply too much food, that I love, to be eaten. So, I broke it down into 3 last-for-now SF suppers 🙂  Though New York will undoubtedly offer me copious opportunities for good eating…sometime’s there’s nothing like one’s very own comfort food faves – and having been born and raised in the Golden State, you guessed right, most of my comfort foods are home grow’d Californian cuisines:

i. State Bird Provisions – Finally! I used to live literally a block away from State Bird in the Western Addition, but I hadn’t had the patience to wait in line because let’s be honest: when I wants to eat, I wants to eat!   I figured I had to try it before I left SF, so that happened.  

The experience at State Bird is fun for tapas-loving-try-everything sorts of eaters like me.  They have a short commandable menu that is supplemented by various seasonal provisions, which are offered dim-sum-style to dining guests. After having tried it {especially, the guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth (omg, so aromatic – with the perfect hints of lime)}, I would definitely go back and wait in line.

state_bird_provisions_menu state_bird_provisions_bone_marrow state_bird_provisions_garlic_bread_burratastate_bird_provisions_ice_cream_sandwiches

ii. In-N-Out Burger, duh – Cheeseburger Animal Style, Extra Lettuce, Extra Jalapeños, French Fries, and a Neapolitan Milk Shake #nuffsaid


iii. And last but not least: Mama’s Homemade Vietnamese Food – including all of my childhood comfort food favorites like rau muống xào tỏi (hollowed water spinach sautéed with (lots of) garlic, cá kho tộ (claypot braised catfish), canh chua (vietnamese sweet & sour soup) and so much more. My mom rules. She literally cooked all day to send me off with a belly full of love. Cảm ơn mẹ, con yêu mẹ nhiều!

rau_muong_xao_toi ca_kho_to

Thank you to all the friends and family who have been so supportive of my little transition.  I have a belly full of great Cali-food memories and a heart full of love from you all to get me through the treachery of Spring in the Big Apple 😉

xx, Huckleberry Kim

Tiny Huck