Crown Braid + Ruffle Socks

Just revisiting being 9 years old.

As a child, I surely did not appreciate my mother’s trailblazing style & kindling foresight enough.  Mother used to crown-braid my hair almost every day when I was a child – especially for soccer practice.  She insisted, as I’d always been a hide-behind-your-hair-shy wee girl; “I want to see your pretty face,” she would say to my awkward missing-toothed childhood grin.  Oh boy, how things have changed…

Since fighting awkward-bang stage and trying to grow out my super fly fringe from last fall, I have fully embraced the crown braid; so much, that I’ve had to master the folds in under 5 minutes myself.

Like my 9 year old self, I still do love pairing up the ‘do with some kid-cuddly ruffle socks and baddie boots.  Thanks for showing me the light, mama.

ruffle socks 4

crown braid 2

ruffle socks 2

Burberry Brit Parka (similar: one, two, three), American Apparel dress


Huckleberry Kim

Tiny Huck