Yellow: Silk and Coldplay

Huckleberry Kim - Yellow

Hi, my name’s TK, and I love silk, reality, sweet voices, and guitar sounds. Really though, particularly the silk. If I could be draped in silk, always, I’d go out on a limb and say I’d be blissfully happy, always.  Yeah, care instructions for silks can be inconvenient; though I’m rather fond of the habitual loop – the soft steam.  A lot of the best and most beautiful things in life are the most delicate, impressionable, and responsive, which I’d argue are worth the extra bits of love and care.  And if that statement didn’t just make you feel feelings, move along.

Plus, silk just feels so goodWhat could be more real than tactile good, right?  Mmm.

My wardrobe is not so full of color.  It’s packed with a lot of neutrals – a lot of black.  Actually, let’s take it a step further and get anecdotal:  We all know how much I love silk (see above) (and Everlane); so when Everlane released sleeveless silks this Spring, after immediately snatching the black and white pieces in my cart, I did actually hesitate with the marigold (but of course went with the good old Huckleberry instincts and am so satisfied with my decision). Cue stage left, Yellow. Yerro. This Levi’s Made and Crafted silk top has a really subtle micro-pattern to it, which I’m a fan of only half as much as I am of the buttons down the back (which is a lot of fandome).  It’s another slouchy one (oy vey, it seems everything slouches on me nowadays), which has been perfect in the warm breezes of this New York City summer.

Tell me, can a girl have too many silk tops?

Chris Martin knows what I want to hear

Photography: Mitch Blummer






Tiny Huck

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