We Put On (Real) Pants Today

Once upon a time,

I was sixteen and wrote my college application essays about how I wanted to study economic development at UC Berkeley so I could start a minimalist apparel line with priorities of social consciousness and ecological consciousness in production.  Then, I could share my love for fashion & design with the world, while providing new jobs, under fair working conditions, to people around the world.


Let’s not get in to that right now.

In any case, after I graduated from university, I thought further schooling at a fashion design institution would be the next logically progressive step…until I really thought about the practicality, economics, and rationale behind it all.

So instead, I went to Vietnam for a few months, where I worked in a small garment shop making mens clothing.  I wanted to learn how to tailor the perfect suit – since it’s one of the most technically challenging endeavors as far as garment-making is concerned.  But I had a special fascination with the pants.

Pants are so weird.

  Pants all seem to be really similar, but pants aren’t much without the people who adorn them.  And they morph into completely different Somethings depending on the wearer. So in that sense, pants are as unique as the people who wear them.  They fit waists, and legs, and butts differently – especially if you’re a woman.

The pants pictured here were one of the first pairs I ever designed, pattern-made, constructed, and tailored to myself.


They’re just simple, plain black skinny trousers (which I often like to wear cuffed up to reveal a little more ankle, #hashtagScandalous), but they hold a special place in my heart …and my closet.



meticulously crafted,

perfectly tailored,

ride-or-die pants.

And sure, I’ve purchased trendy pants – sparkly culottes, drop-crotch-everything, fringed denim, boyfriend jeans, you name it – and they’ve had their places & uses in my life.

We’ve all been there: You see them, a million sparks fly, you have to take them home, you become immediately enamored, and then a few weeks later those sparks fade into obscurity… because honestly do you want sparkly culottes everyday long-term?  Or do you want the perfect pair of versatile, no-bullshit, ride-or-die trousers that go with everything.

Clearly we went really casual today to get through work; but I’m thinking we’ll go strappy high heels and a slinky silk blouse for our next night out. #everything

Life’s challenging, and complicated, and confusing a lot of the time – and it’s not going to stop being those things.  I’ve been trying to remind myself lately to be really grateful for the existence of these ride-or-die pants.

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back to see and appreciate what’s right there in front of you.


Huckleberry Kim


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