HuckleberryEats: Apple Beet Soup in Roasted Acorn Squash Bowl + Polenta Fries

huckleberrykim polenta fries acorn squash

Feeling a bit mid-week-ambitious, I really wanted to make a scrumptious healthy dinner I’d never made before (and, oh boy, did I pay the price burning my hand while cooking this delicious meal).

I love fruits & vegetables and based this meal off of a couple of my all time favorites: apples, beets, acorn squash, and GARLIC.  As a result, I made a sweet and spicy pureed apple beet soup, which I served in a roasted garlic acorn squash bowl (with a side of crispy polenta fries!)


xx, Huckleberry Kim

huckleberrykim roasted acorn squash

huckleberrykim basil goat cheese


First: Cut your acorn squash in half & remove the guts.

Then: Roast your acorn squash with some olive oil and garlic ( I also sprinkled some of my favorite seasonings: salt, pepper, cayenne) on a lower rack at 350 degrees while you prepare the rest of the meal.

Then: In a medium pan, sautée some diced shallots (2) until softened then add your peeled & chopped beets (4 large) and apples (1) – let this cook down for about 5 solid minutes.

Then: Add some salt to taste, about 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a couple cloves of garlic.

Then: Blend the soup with an immersion blender (food processor or traditional blender)

Prepare your chevre (goat cheese) basil balls by rolling your fresh chevre in finely minced basil.

Finally, remove your perfect roasted squash/garlic from the oven & loosen up some of the squash flesh before adding a ladle full of soup and a basil-chevre ball.

huckleberrykim polenta fries


First, prepare your favorite creamy polenta recipe!

Then, pour the creamy polenta into a parchment lined pan & refrigerate (for about 1 hour).

Then, cut the solidified polenta into fries (that should look around the size of the french toast sticks once served in elementary school cafeterias [mine at least!])

Heat up a pan with some oil & fry each side of the polenta fries until crispy golden brown



Black and White (Striped Shorts) and Red All Over!

The following are some snaps of one of my favorite pairs of shorts (not just because I made them bespoke to my measurements)!  It’s been cool to see the striped shorts trend showing up around, like here on Kate Moss, and being styled in different ways.

I dreamed up the photographed bad boys after a trip to the fabric store that followed an excruciating exam on Classical Theories of Political Economies my Senior year of college – thanks Professor Karras!

xx, HuckleberryKim




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Red (Brick), White & Blue, Plus the Perfect Nude Pump


There is little that a great pair of nude pumps won’t complement.  I think the key is to find a pair (or two) that you’re comfortable strutting around in – for work, play & everything in between – to maximize the shoe’s potential.

Huckleberry Dad quote: “Never give up, Kim.” [Easily applicable to school, work, life & shoes]

xx, Huckleberry Kim



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Nap(a) Time

I enjoyed a lovely weekend in Napa recently (having stayed at an adorable cottage Tom found on AirBnB). HIGHLIGHTS: (i) Joined one too many “wine clubs”; though, these are likely the only clubs I’m currently interested in joining at this point in my life. (ii) Took a nap in a (wine) cave – batwoman style.  (iii) Frolicked with semi-wild kittens through a private vineyard  (iv)  Toured Cakebread Cellars (again!)  I’ll definitely be back again soon as we opted for pick-up wine club shipments rather than delivery (:

xx, Huckleberry Kim





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Big Flare, I Don’t Care




I happened upon these Hudson (super) Ferris Flare jeans recently, and I’m disappointed to say that they haven’t been given much time out on the field.  When deciding to start your day in 5 inch heels and very bold denim, I think you really have to commit (I’ve never been good with commitments).  So on this particular day, I pushed myself to work with comfortable staples (silk J.Crew blouse, platform Aldo wedges (similar), and a practically-sized bag).

Three years ago, I never would’ve been so bold as to find myself near the super-fitted, ultra-flared denim game; though today, I feel confident that I’m in it.  Thoughts?

xx, Huckleberry Kim

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xx, Huckleberry Kim




I’m wearing a J. Crew Jules dress in Poppy (sold out) and Christian Louboutin Declic (sold out) .

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