Huckleberrying Around NYC: Day 1

So has passed my first full day in NYC, and I must say: this has been the happiest day I’ve had in at least the last 90 days. Not that anything particularly extraordinary happened – it was a Monday after all. A lovely, simple, beautiful Monday.


i. Practicing my #evachenpose (hehe) with Celine, big baby Taylor, vintage Coach & Zara sandals (similar)


ii. A sweet NYC welcome from the ShopStyle girls


iii. Alicia Silverstone in the office, dumplings from Han Dynasty, an amazing shipment of Everlane’s new summer silks, and new commuter Ked’s!


Let’s keep it up New York.  I can get into this.  I’m open to new adventures! Any suggestions for must-do’s as I #huckleberryaroundNYC ?!

xx, Huckleberry Kim

CANDY GIRL at the record store

“I always tell the girls never take it seriously.
If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt.
If you never get hurt, you always have fun.
And if you ever get lonely,
you can just go to the record store and visit your friends.” 
– Penny Lane @ Almost Famous

What I wore: Karen Walker x UNIQLO “KW2” toddler’s top (yes, toddler tops can be adult crop tops #oops #sorryimnotsorry), Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses, American Apparel high-waisted shorts, Joie leather slip-on oxfords, vintage leather cross-body bag from my mom’s closet



Similar stuff:


Huckleberry Kim

Jumpsuit Extremist

Most of the people I know are jumpsuit extremists.  They’re either lovers or haters.  Wearers or glarers.  There are few in-betweeners.
It’s quite apparent, I’d say, that I’m a jumpsuit-wearing & loving extremist.  Please see below…

I came upon this denim boiler suit months ago and fell in love.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t had as much time out on the scene as it deserves.  Though, I somehow had the gall to rock it to work one fine autumn day and was dropped-knowledge upon that I was glaringly representing Canada.  (For “Canadian Tuxedo” reference, please see following image of Justin & Britney).

In my real-world defense, I did not go as Canadian Tuxedo denim’d out as good ol’ JT and Britney with accessories.  Rather, I opted for a simple yet solid platform pump, my trusty topknot and sunnies – and to top it all off, a custom, handmade chevron rubber band bracelet 😉

What do you think of jumpsuits in general (or especially full denim ones)?

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Denim jumpsuits: from Joe’sPaigeTibi6397



Huckleberry Kim 

Huckleberry Birthday Reflections


celebrated had a birthday over the weekend.  It was a rough one.  When you hit the age where they stop writing songs about you… oh maybe I’m not ready to talk about this yet; though I’d love to hear some advice, suggestions, warnings, experiences and stories. Remember, I’m a realist – not interested in marshmallows, unless they’re for s’mores.

Gratefully yours,