Silk Blouses, Often

I’m a practical gal; though I like small comforting luxuries on the daily.  This is why silk blouses are my year round staple – because sleeveless, short, or long sleeved, I love being draped in soft luxurious silk. This signature long sleeve from Equipment is one of my best old time friends.

equipment fr silk

I also adore this detailed delight that my friend Christine picked up for me in Hong Kong:

Being in New York now, I’m trying to challenge myself to experiment away from my most-often-choices – e.g. everyday silks, only uni soba, and the same jams on repeat [I’ve been spending the last few days on the  Sam Smith bandwagon (thanks, Jack) because honestly: voice of an angel] And I’m definitely open to recommendations to see if I can’t find myself some new oftens.

xx, Huckleberry Kim

Tiny Huck