Minimalist Packing for the Fashion Girl

Alright, for context,

currently, I am sipping a cup of coffee while wearing embossed-leather platform booties – with track soles, leather leggings – high-waisted, a cashmere poncho – fringed, a faux fur stole, translucent large-framed glasses and a matte lip colour – “Spice”.  It’s Thursday.  When I got dressed this morning, I was feeling very real Jon Snow meets Jenna Lyons meets Huckleberry Kim vibes, and this is what I came up with.

Fashion is one of my favorite art forms; I think of it, all at once, from a fine art, an applied art, and a very technical design perspective – fashion is the triple threat.  I work in the fashion-tech space where it is not uncommon for me to have to “test” our new product enhancements by shopping #iHaveToitsMyJob.  So, one might think that when traveling, I’d be that girl with the extra large suitcase just for shoes and two more valises for everything else.  I’m simply not that girl.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you are!)  I do love to get all dressed up but when traveling my priorities shift exponentially over to my love of new and strange experiences.

I was born this way.

Our minds and bodies work in a certain way, and over the years, I have become very familiar with how this Huckleberry operates (which probably guides a lot of why I’m good a traveling with little).

→ I usually travel alone.

→ I usually leave little time for planning, as I thrive off of spontaneity and swoon for the romanticism of a nomadic life.

→ I don’t have the much upper-body strength; so, if I pick up the bag(s) I intend to travel with and cannot envision carrying them by myself…on at least a mile walk, with the possibility of getting lost, I will go back and edit things out.


On my last lengthier trip away, I spent 3 weeks traveling through Europe across a handful of different countries; I brought my Everlane weekender bag and my guitar. Whether it’s a 3-day trip to New York for Fashion Week or a 3-week vacation abroad, I use the same few criteria when deciding what to pack.  Trust & believe: a little bit of thought about these things goes a long way!

Tips for Minimalist Packing.

  • Realize you don’t really need 3 outfit changes for every single day.  Certainly, a few extra outfits don’t hurt,  but c’mon, go enjoy, explore and adventure!  Happiness is the best look you can ever wear anyway!
  • Pack apparel items that can be dressed up or down or day to night.  This is an important one for me since I like to travel more spontaneously with fewer plans. I feel like really great adventures and things happen when you just let them in the moment!  A neutral dress paired with different shoes or accessories can be worn for a casual day out to dinner or a night out partying with all the babes.
  • Even if you’re like me and don’t plan every detail of your trips, you should still have a sense for the proportion of time you’ll spend with different themes of activities.  For example, if you’re going on a backpacking trip in South America for 2 weeks during which you intend to do more active adventuring and a smaller proportion of chilling at the beach, you should probably prioritize items for those activities – maybe rather than adding another cute pair of sandals for a walk on the beach, opt for the extra pair of shoes you can walk a long distance in if your hiking shoes are drying out from the three days you’ll spend chasing waterfalls.  Some themes I like to bucket senses of time into: active-adventure, water-adventures, namaste-active, chill-party, rage-party, fancy-party, sightsee-tourism, lurk-chill, beach-chill…you get the idea.
  • This is so nerdy and a total over-share, but sometimes I’ll make a spreadsheet. I’ll create columns with categories – like Apparel, Footwear, Personal/Beauty, Miscellaneous – to force myself to reasonably visualize what I really want/need to bring.  Believe me, when you’re planning a 4 day trip to New York for work and you see yourself listing out 7 pairs of shoes, you’ll probably think twice!  Be real.  Even if you bring 3, you’ll spend most of your time in 1 or 2.
  • It helps to think about things in the sense of a whole outfit as well. Rather than thinking, I need 5 shirts for this  trip, think: I need 5 outfits for this trip. Five outfits doesn’t necessarily mean 5 of a specific garment type.
  • Remember things happen, you might lose your luggage or spill a bottle of wine on all the things; but you can almost always pick up things at your destinations.  An oversized “I heart Belarus” tee-shirt tucked into your go-to jeans might be super comfortable and cute for an impromptu lurk-chill day.


I’m heading to Greece in a few days for an almost 2 week stint – Athens and probably Mykonos and Santorini.  Will be traveling with my boyfriend – who, I’m so glad, has similar sensibilities as I do of spontaneous adventuring, partying, and chilling. I’ll probably pack a few hours before I have to head to the airport, but given that it’s summertime, I’ll probably go into packing with the following things bubbling around in my mind:

  • It’s going to be hot → deprioritization of pants.
  • A little bit of all the things → 3 shoe pairs.
  • I want to bring a hat and my guitar.
  • Need to find my passport.

Adventure on, babes.


Huckleberry Kim

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