Jumpsuit Extremist

Most of the people I know are jumpsuit extremists.  They’re either lovers or haters.  Wearers or glarers.  There are few in-betweeners.
It’s quite apparent, I’d say, that I’m a jumpsuit-wearing & loving extremist.  Please see below…

I came upon this denim boiler suit months ago and fell in love.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t had as much time out on the scene as it deserves.  Though, I somehow had the gall to rock it to work one fine autumn day and was dropped-knowledge upon that I was glaringly representing Canada.  (For “Canadian Tuxedo” reference, please see following image of Justin & Britney).

In my real-world defense, I did not go as Canadian Tuxedo denim’d out as good ol’ JT and Britney with accessories.  Rather, I opted for a simple yet solid platform pump, my trusty topknot and sunnies – and to top it all off, a custom, handmade chevron rubber band bracelet 😉

What do you think of jumpsuits in general (or especially full denim ones)?

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