Introducing @HuckEats – the Manger Seul rebrand

The COVID-19 situation has had us sheltering-in-place out of our usual element (in San Francisco & Oakland) and finding centeredness in body, mind & spirit amidst nature & the extraordinary Pacific coastal scenery.

I have never before felt so much gratitude for the magnificent sparkle that the ocean greets us with each day.

Since we have decided not to eat out during this time, I have been working on overdrive as ‘Head of Kitchen’

  1. getting stocked up on shelf-stable pantry staples starting in early March,
  2. doing a ton of recipe research on creative ways to keep nutritious, interesting & varied meals on the table,
  3. and of course actually doing the meal-preparation and execution –

and I realized, now that I am cooking for a teamthree meals a day, everydaythe ethos once associated with @mangerseul has been long foregone.

So Friends,

I am very excited to share with those who have been following along with my culinary adventures (Hi, Mom!): @HuckEats!

@huckeats is a foundational element of the Adventures of Huckleberry Kim‘s identity!

Throughout my life, sharing good food has been a huge part of my social & family culture, creative exploration and manifestation of both external & self-directed love.

A fun quote that Sug shared with me recently was one from a friend who has recently discovered cooking and described that:

“…it’s like having a little restaurant inside your house!”

I love that newbies in the kitchen can find such delight & gratification from putting together a simple meal for themselves (and/or for loved ones); and I hope that I can make a little impact in inspiring you to try out something new in your kitchen & to share it with someone you love because honestly it’s perhaps not as hard (& actually might be a fun challenge) as you’d have assumed it might be 🙂

I love being able to support local farmers and makers who are an integral part of our society’s backbone on which limelight is seldom shown upon.

I love being able to create & share meals with my family & friends – new and old – while connecting over great conversations that nourish our bodies, minds & spirits.

♥️ Please share some love, give @HuckEats a follow and take a peek into the little restaurant inside our house.♥️

& for more details from Huck Eats, check out:


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