Huckleberry Rides: Oh Golly, Raleigh!

Tom & I have been looking for a nice pair of new bicycles for a while, as it has been a goal of ours to cruise around the city and attempt to be at least moderately active amidst our busy work schedules. He is a bike guy, and I am not to say the least – so I put all of my trust and faith in his research and selection of the right kind of bike for me (because honestly, I had no clue about the materials, components, etc).  My only requests were: can we find ones that are at once easy to ride AND cute?!

So he found her: the gem, savior and advocate for the moderate activity I aspire to have (e.g. the following 15-minute break taken to ride around the Financial District when I’m spending a sunny Sunday in front of excel sheets at the office)

My (new-to-me) mint-condition 1971 Raleigh Superbe! With all of its original components, down to the perfectly-aged chocolately-brown Brooks saddle, oh golly was she easy to ride AND cute.

HuckleberryKim Rides 00

HuckleberryKim Rides 01

HuckleberryKim Rides 02

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What I’m actually wearing:
Theory Jade Tubular Tank
Citizen of Humanity High Waisted Jeans (similar)
old J.Crew suede ballet flats
Brixton hat
Vintage belt (similar)

HuckleberryKim Rides 03


Huckleberry Kim

HuckleberryKim Rides 04


Tiny Huck

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