Huckleberry Rides: Oh Golly, Raleigh!

Tom & I have been looking for a nice pair of new bicycles for a while, as it has been a goal of ours to cruise around the city and attempt to be at least moderately active amidst our busy work schedules. He is a bike guy, and I am not to say the least – so I put all of my trust and faith in his research and selection of the right kind of bike for me (because honestly, I had no clue about the materials, components, etc).  My only requests were: can we find ones that are at once easy to ride AND cute?!

So he found her: the gem, savior and advocate for the moderate activity I aspire to have (e.g. the following 15-minute break taken to ride around the Financial District when I’m spending a sunny Sunday in front of excel sheets at the office)

My (new-to-me) mint-condition 1971 Raleigh Superbe! With all of its original components, down to the perfectly-aged chocolately-brown Brooks saddle, oh golly was she easy to ride AND cute.

HuckleberryKim Rides 00

HuckleberryKim Rides 01

HuckleberryKim Rides 02

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What I’m actually wearing:
Theory Jade Tubular Tank
Citizen of Humanity High Waisted Jeans (similar)
old J.Crew suede ballet flats
Brixton hat
Vintage belt (similar)

HuckleberryKim Rides 03


Huckleberry Kim

HuckleberryKim Rides 04


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