Dream Denim: RE/DONE

If you’ve been following Huckleberry Kim (Hi, Mom!), you’ll know that I have this weird thing about pants.  And you know what,

I was right all along.

When the right pants come along y’all…

Last week, I stumbled into Curve on Fillmore with no intentions of meeting anyone, but there they were…these great patchwork RE/DONE jeans that happened to be in my size (FWIW, that so seldom happens for me).  I went right for them; it was nothing short of love at first sight.

We got together in the fitting room.  They fit like they were tailored for me – not too snug, just the perfect heavy drape of vintage denim and killer construction.  They were just unique and weird enough to accept my own unique weirdnesses while still nestling my bum in a way that actually made me walk with a little extra bounce, ha.  I didn’t take them home with me; I was “being good.”

Everyday for the next week,  I thought of them and how our life would be together.  And this last Saturday, after hiking and basketball, I just had to know if they still felt the same way about me.  Sure enough, they hadn’t left the shop with some other harlot, and here we are.

Meet my ride or dies, babes.

xx, Huck

“…you’re the one that I wanted to fiiiiiind…”

Other cool patchwork denim styles from other brands:

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