CANDY GIRL at the record store

“I always tell the girls never take it seriously.If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt. If you never get hurt, you always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you can just go to the record store and visit your friends.” – Penny Lane @ Almost Famous What I wore: Karen Walker x […]

Jumpsuit Extremist

Most of the people I know are jumpsuit extremists.  They’re either lovers or haters.  Wearers or glarers.  There are few in-betweeners.It’s quite apparent, I’d say, that I’m a jumpsuit-wearing & loving extremist.  Please see below… I came upon this denim boiler suit months ago and fell in love.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t had as much time […]

Maison de Coco Chanel

What’s on your holiday wishlist?  Many of us are empathetic to the feeling of coveting beautiful creations from the house of Chanel [or whatever designer, gadget, fancy car, zero calorie pizza, etc your heart might desire].  This holiday, while spending some time with the little tots, I decided to be a bit indulgent and combine […]

Huckleberry Kim Holiday Wishlist [dans les rêves]

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Cartier Dumont Santos Watch – classic, chic, lovely Church’s Merthyr Ankle Boots – everyday, huckleberry, boom Fendi Silvana Green Croco – feminine, understated, color-pop Red Valentino Embroidered Silk Dress – sweet, pretty, playful Marc Jacobs Fur Collar Cashmere Sweater – cozy, multifunctional, back-buttons You’re welcome =^u^= Huckleberry Kim

Huckleberry Birthday Reflections

I celebrated had a birthday over the weekend.  It was a rough one.  When you hit the age where they stop writing songs about you… oh maybe I’m not ready to talk about this yet; though I’d love to hear some advice, suggestions, warnings, experiences and stories. Remember, I’m a realist – not interested in marshmallows, unless they’re […]

Huckleberry Rides: Oh Golly, Raleigh!

Tom & I have been looking for a nice pair of new bicycles for a while, as it has been a goal of ours to cruise around the city and attempt to be at least moderately active amidst our busy work schedules. He is a bike guy, and I am not to say the least […]

Shifty Lil Wild Cat

I love cats & shift dresses! Here’s an ode to both! I’m not one for playing with prints very often, but it’s so easy to find this classic J.Crew Wild Cat print shift dress (sold out) super fun and effortless to wear.  I paired the dress with Christian Louboutin red suede declic pumps (sold out) and […]

Mexico September 2013

Tom, Trigger & I just got back from 10 days in the Yucatan – a much needed break from everyday/work/hustle/grind-life. Check out some photo-highlights below.  Swimming in the wild with whale sharks was undoubtedly one of the top 3 coolest things we both have ever done in our lives – I’d highly recommend it! xx, […]

Coral Floral Reiss Piece

I’m a sucker for everything Reiss, and this is one of my favorite dresses of theirs of all time.  It entered my life as a MOH dress for my bestie Cat’s wedding and always makes me feel ladylike and lovely when I zip it up. Doesn’t it remind you of a flipped over coral colored […]