A Little Leopard in the Park

One of my most favorite things about NYC has been the limitless number of parks to stroll through – day and night.  It’s so relaxing to people, animal, and experience-watch.

One of my least favorite things about NYC has been the random and sudden downpours that I find myself totally umbrella-less and unprepared for – day and night.

Learning to dress for the tumultuous weather – e.g. hey watch the forecast for make-sure-not-to-wear-a-white-silk-dress on a day when there’s likely to be showers – has been a life saver this week for me!  How do you like to dress for the hot humid NYC summers (with/without the probabilities of showers)?!




Sandals by Surface to Air

Lip Colour by Nars, Belle du Jour

Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Super Duper Strength

Pants by American Apparel (old); similar:

Top by Topshop (old); similar:


Huckleberry Kim

Tiny Huck

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